Myanmar Employers Take Note of New Labour Rules

Myanmar Employers Take Note of New Labour Rules

On 3rd October 2019, DICA released the Announcement on employees working overtime for companies permitted or endorsed to conduct business by the Myanmar Investment Commission and/or the Region/State Investment Committee. The Announcement aims to protect employees by providing that employers shall obtain consent from employees to work overtime. Employers cannot force employees to work overtime. Details are as follows:

  • An employer shall obtain written consent from an employee before working overtime on a weekday (Monday to Friday) or on a Saturday;
  • Overtime hours shall not exceed 3 hours per weekday and 5 hours on a Saturday;
  • For overtime on a Sunday or a public holiday, apart from obtaining written consent from the employee, the employer shall obtain an acknowledgement from the Workplace Coordination Committee in advance
  • No employee may be required to work more than one Sunday in a 4-week period

This Announcement shows good intention in the protection of employees, consent of the employee is key in asking them to work overtime and notice shall be taken on the number of overtime hours limited by this Announcement.


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