Summary of the Ministry of Commerce Newsletter 19/2021

The Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”) has recently issued the Newsletter No. 19/2021 on 12th November 2021 which replaces the Newsletter No. 3/2018 relating the priority list of goods permitted for wholesale and retail sale business.

To fulfill the demand and market needs for the distribution of sales in the domestic market, MOC further issued the supplementing list of priority goods which are allowed to be sold through wholesale and retail sale by foreign companies and companies established as a joint venture between Myanmar citizens and foreigners.

Under the Newsletter 19/2021, new additions to the supplementing list of priority goods include the raw material of food products, the raw material of animal feed products; industrial equipment and industrial raw material; spare parts for motor vehicles and heavy machinery and related products/accessories thereto.

The complete list of priority goods are as follows:

  1. Consumer goods (including clothes, watches, and cosmetics);
  2. Foodstuff including the following items-

           a. Agricultural products (except goods that are not allowed to be imported based on the needs of the country);

           b. marine products;

           c. animal products;

           d. instant/ready-made food;

           e. various types of beverages;

           f. liquors manufactured domestically;

           g. raw material of food products;

    3. Household goods (including ceramics, earthenware, glass and glassware);

    4. Kitchen products;

    5. Medicine, medical devices and hospital equipment;

    6. Animal feed and veterinary drugs and the raw material of animal feed products;

    7. Stationery;

    8. Furniture;

    9. Sports goods;

    10. Communication products (including cameras and phones);

    11. Electronics goods;

    12. Construction materials and equipment;

    13. Electrical goods;

    14. Chemicals products for industrial manufacturing;

    15. industrial equipment and industrial raw material;

    16. Seeds, inputs for agriculture, and materials for agricultural use;

    17. Machinery for agriculture;

    18. Various types of machinery and accessories;

    19. Various types of bicycles;

    20. Various types of motorcycles and accessories;

    21. Spare parts for motor vehicles, heavy machinery and accessories thereto;

    22. Children’s toys;

    23. Materials for home decoration (including flowers and plants);

    24. Souvenirs and handmade products;

    25. Artwork products, musical instruments, and accessories (excluding antiques).

In addition, the Newsletter 19/2021 states that when selling the items mentioned above, by retail/wholesale registration certificates, value-added products that are domestically manufactured shall be sold with priority. The laws, regulations, procedures and rules of the relevant ministries shall be complied according to types of goods when importing goods from abroad and that the priority list of goods may be amended and re-issue from time to time as necessary based on the needs of the country.

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